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Buy stroller, toy tips

When buying children's toys should pay attention to "five see":

A look at the applicable age range. General toys in the instructions will indicate the applicable age range of the toy. According to their children's age to choose the appropriate age toys, such as suitable for 6 months or more, suitable for 3 years of age, suitable for 5 years old to 9 years old, not suitable for 3 years of age and so on. First, toys of different ages have different levels of complexity and are suitable for different stages of children's intellectual development. Second, they require different safety requirements for toys. Generally speaking, children aged 1-3 years old, because of their young age, poor self-protection awareness, understanding of things is still in its infancy, you can buy some soft toys for them, the structure of simple and colorful toys, such as plush , Cloth toys, rattles and so on. In the purchase of plush, cloth toys, you can pinch pinch, feel the stuffing in the toy is soft, with or without lumps, impurities; smell with the nose, with or without smell; with a hand pull Toys on the accessories, accessories (such as: eyes, buttons, etc.), is easy to rip off, which will result in children eating. Children of this age group often stuff their toys in their mouths, so it is not advisable to buy toys that are small (children's mouths can be swallowed) or have small pieces of removable accessories to prevent children eating incorrectly. In the purchase of other toys, you should hand touch the surface of the toy, feel whether there are burrs and cutting edge, there are sharp edges, so as to avoid children cut when playing the skin. Children 3 ~ 6 years of age, have a certain degree of awareness of the surrounding things, is in the good times of intellectual development, you'd better give him more to buy some toys to develop intelligence, such as: spelling toys, building blocks, more Simple puzzle toys. Of course, you can also buy other toys according to their children's hobbies, such as boys like car toys. In addition, the toys you choose, such as with the transmission structure (such as: gear boxes, sprockets, etc.), but also should pay attention to its transmission mechanism should be hidden so that children's fingers can not reach, so as not to hold your fingers while turning, at the same time You should also pay attention to the toy material (especially plastic toys) is strong, so as not to play accidentally drop smashes, resulting in sharp edges and sharp tips, but dangerous to children.

Second look at the safety warnings. Toys imply some of the dangers, the manufacturer will be reminded by warning signs. Such as "flying kites and other flying toys can not be used near the area overhead wires", "Warning! Contains small parts, not suitable for children 3 years and younger", "non-life-saving supplies, can only be used in shallow water" and so on. When buying and using toys, be sure to read the warnings carefully to avoid the risk of misuse of toys.

Third look at the effective date. Some products are designated for use within the validity period, to avoid the use of expired products.

Fourth look at the use and maintenance methods. Complex toys, such as children's bicycles, walker, computer learning machine, should have a detailed method of use and precautions. In the purchase should pay attention to this point. Some toys (such as: plush, cloth toys, plastic toys, etc.) on the user manual (or label) will be marked on the cleaning or disinfection methods, often ignored by parents, which will have an impact on the child's health . Take plush, cloth toys for example, it is easy to breed bacteria, mold, mites, etc., and close contact with the child, it may be inhaled, thus affecting the child's health. Therefore, to carefully read the product manual (or label), above how to clean, wash the contents of the toy, usually dry cleaning or wet cleaning, wet washing must be repeated rinse, drying to dry. Usually, you can often get the toys under the sun to dry, especially after Huangmei days. Plastic toys can be cleaned regularly with alcohol and disinfect.

Five to see the assembly program. Assembled toys, whether assembled by an adult or assembled by a child, should be assembled.

"Quality Law" stipulates that all domestic production and sales of products should be marked with the name, address and certificate of conformity, and use the standard Chinese characters indicate. Import toys should be Chinese toys instructions, belong to the scope of CCC certification six categories of toy products should also have the CCC mark and certificate.

In addition, the following issues should be noted:

Toys with sharp sharp edges and edges should be avoided for children under 8 years of age;

Children under 3 years old should avoid toys with small parts. Avoid using too small toys, so as not to swallow the baby's throat, toy specifications should be 6 cm long, 3 cm wide and above;

For darts, slingshots, simulation pistols, laser guns and other toys must be strengthened management to prevent children hurt during use;

Children's toys can not contain toxic and dangerous chemicals;

To regularly check the child's toys, toys with broken wood surface, to be cracked or separated toys promptly repaired. Toys within the battery to be replaced regularly, so as to avoid the battery chemicals affect the health of children;

Do not buy toys that impair children's physical and mental health and contain yellow content;

Optional toys should pay attention to whether it is easy to disinfect and wash fur animal image toys, can not be washed and disinfected, easy to carry, unhygienic, should not be used.

Stroller use tips

Children stroller products has always been a popular product for parents to choose for their children's stroller, has a variety of structures, features, and sometimes in the purchase is often easy to overlook its age, weight and other requirements.

When we choose the cart, we must first select the appropriate age according to their own needs. The applicable ages of the mainstream products on the market are generally below 36 months. The key point is to distinguish between the ages of 0 to 36 months and 6 to 36 The difference between the month's products.

Applicable to the age of 0 to 36 months of the cart, seat backrest and seat cushion angle can be adjusted to more than 150 ° state, in the selection, we must pay attention to look at the product packaging or instruction manual, You can consult the salesperson to perform the actual operation of the demonstration, in addition, the best selection of seats on both sides of the head side of the fence does not exist in the open product, can reduce the baby from the body due to sleeping position and other factors and thus slide out risk.

Applicable to the age of 6 to 36 months of the cart, the market is often dominated by children umbrella handle carts, the angle between the seat backrest and the seat cushion can not be adjusted to more than 150 °, the baby's Spine is not fully developed, infants under 6 months can not use the angle between the seat backrest and seat cushion can not be adjusted to more than 150 ° state cart. In the meantime, warnings such as "Warning: this car is not suitable for children under 6 months" are marked on such products and their instructions.


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