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What are the strollers?

Strollers on the market are mainly divided into two categories: ultra-light portable strollers and sit-in strollers.

Portable strollers can not be back flat, the baby can not lie down, and the back is relatively soft, suitable for 6 months after the baby to use. Its advantage lies in the ultra-light weight, easy to control, compact body, three fold admission, not only for easy storage at home, but also to facilitate travel on a variety of transport on the trip.

Sit up dual function cart more than portable, you can adjust the backrest at different angles, the baby can both sit and lie, so suitable for newborn baby, the disadvantage is that even after folding, but also take up very Big space As the car heavier, travel is not very convenient to carry out, if you need to go up and down halfway, transfer of transport more inconvenient.

At present, in order to solve the problem of sitting carts convenience, many brands have introduced a ultralight dual-use cart that can sit and carry, the comfort of taking the baby and the portability of mommy Perfectly combined together. In addition, there is a multi-purpose stroller product that can be used as a baby carrier and seat when going out and can also be used directly as a stroller on a stroller frame after release without waking the baby.


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