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The baby can take a stroller for a few months

n fact, the experienced mom and dad know that after 6 months, the baby can start to try to sit up. If the baby using a stroller 6 months ago, she must choose a stroller that can lie down Caixing.

The baby can take a stroller for a few months

There is an old saying that seven-ups and eight-climbing, which means that the baby normally starts sitting on the seventh month when it starts to crawl in the eighth month and slowly transitions to walking. Less than 6 months old baby, bone development is far from perfect, while the back muscle support is also very small, so do not let the baby sit in the stroller at this time.

So when choosing a stroller, if the baby is not ready for 6 months to buy, you must choose the seat can be flat or with a baby stroller, like our baby shop Ubest this child Stroller, a separate sleeping basket designed for use within 6 months of the baby and design. When your baby can sit up slowly after 6 months of age, you can use the seat.

There is also a need to pay special attention to is that the seat armrest height, as well as the back and forth hard and soft, seat belt interface and width, etc., if not qualified are likely to cause harm to the baby.

8 months old baby, "sit" there is stress

The doctor said that babies born in full-time are only allowed to sit for a short while under the support of the fourth month after birth.

5 months, can sit on the adult knee for a while;

6 months, if the child sitting on his own body will lean forward, to use hand support;

7 months, finally able to sit alone for a while.

Therefore, the baby under 8 months, the best choice of small bed-style cart, and the body of the fold without uneven, not too soft or too hard.

If parents choose this soft back of the cart, but also in the children after the age of 1 year old, children should take a long time to hold it out, let the children learn to walk, appropriate activities.

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