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Children stroller safety manual

Prevent children from pinching

Keep children away from folding and opening the stroller to ensure that children's hands do not touch the wheels to prevent the child's fingers from being caught in the hinges used to fold the stroller.

Check the locking device before use

Before use, check that the nuts and screws are not loose, the recliner is flexible, the wheel brakes are effective, and all locking devices are locked.

Avoid playing in children's carts

Do not allow children to use the cart as a toy, nor should they allow children to stand on the cart's frame to prevent falls.

Pay attention to the service life

A stroller can be used for about 4 to 5 years. In the undaunted premise, their own run out, but also can be given to friends and relatives of children, but need careful maintenance and normal use, to ensure continued use.

Toy safety on the cart

When you hang the toy on a stroller with a rope, be sure to fasten it. When children are able to hold the toys on their own and are likely to get themselves harmed, please remove the toys from the vehicle in time to avoid accidents.

Stop using brakes

Make sure that children can not reach the release lever to avoid slipping on a slick or smooth surface stroller.

Children must wear seat belts when riding

Whenever a child is in a stroller, be sure to fasten your seat belt to prevent slipping out of the stroller.

Children are not left alone in the cart

Family members should stay with children at all times to prevent timely handling or rescue of children in the car in the event of an accident.

Can not be overloaded

If equipped with a carrier basket, be sure to lower it and close to the rear wheel. Do not hang heavy objects such as handbags on the armrests so as not to tilt the stroller toward the rear.

Do not place cup holder hot drinks

Overheated drinks dump easy to burn children.


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